Lionheart Academies Trust is moving to a 3 tier structure of governance including:

  • Trust Board – with overall responsibility for all governance within the trust
  • Hub Governing Body – working across two or more schools with a focus on finance, HR, IT, marketing, educational and business risk.
  • Local Governing Body – working in an individual school to support the trust in the role of critical friend – supporting and encouraging the work of the school at the same time as holding the school to account for standards in teaching and learning, safeguarding, stakeholder (parent, staff and pupil voice), being an ambassador for the school in the local neighbourhood and business community. The role of a Local Governing Body governor is outlined here.


Appointing Governors
Parent Governors

Each Local Governing Body includes 2 parent governor posts. When there is a vacancy, parents are invited to express an interest in governance and then a meeting is arranged between the prospective governor and the Chair of Governors or a member of the Governing Body to identify the skills and aptitudes they may bring to the team, and to provide an opportunity to discuss the role of governor. Those with suitable skills and aptitudes are then put forward for election by the parents in the school.

Staff Governors

Each Local Governing Body includes one or two Staff Governor posts. Staff governors are appointed by members of staff through an election process.

Community Governors

Each Local Governing Body has a number of Community Governors who are appointed based on their skills and aptitudes.

Hub Governors

The Hub Governing Body is made up of representatives from the Local Governing Bodies who have the necessary skills from their working life to support the governance of finance, IT, HR, education, etc.

Trust Board

Trustees are appointed based on high level skills from their working lives. They are appointed by the Members of the Trust or by the existing Trustees.

Application forms

When vacancies for parent and staff governors are available they will be advertised in the local community and the school. If you are interested in becoming a Community or Hub Governor, expressions of interest should be sent to the Chair of the Trust on



For further information please contact