Summer 2020

As we approach the end of a very different school year I would like to thank you,your support and encouragement has enabled our young people to continue tomake good progress, this is despite the challenge of many of us not being able tooperate in our traditional school setting.

July 08, 2020

The journey we have all been on since March has been challenging and exhausting but also uplifting and inspiring as we have seen how our children have each responded to the new landscape.

During the summer break we will not expect pupils to continue with their studies. Many of our pupils have been working incredibly hard and work life balance is essential to both physical and mental health and well-being. We want to reassure you that when we welcome our pupils back to school in the new academic year robust plans will be in place to ensure each pupil is offered the support they need to consolidate the learning which has been delivered remotely. Should you wish your son/daughter to make use of our Lionheart Virtual Learning Environment or any of the other online platforms we use, these will be available. Staff will not be available during this time to either feedback on work or host online learning sessions.

As we look towards the new academic year teachers are busy planning schemes of learning to consolidate and introduce new knowledge to our pupils. However, we are also preparing to support our young people holistically as they learn to process that challenges Covid-19 has brought. We are pleased to share we are fully staffed in all of our schools with well qualified subject/phase specialists who are looking forward to welcoming back your children.

During the rest of the summer period we will continue to monitor both the local and national situation linked to ensuring a safe reopening. We will ensure we follow all issued government guidance. Due to the dynamic nature of guidance linked to health and safety, your specific school will write to you with more precise details of our reopening later in the summer break. We are exploring a wide range of measures to keep your children safe whilst also ensuring that they make the best progress possible. At this point in time we envisage our pupils being phased into our schools from the 1st September. We expect all pupils to be back in school full time from the week beginning the 7th September.

There are, however, some aspects of our start up that we are able to clarify. The first week in September will be spent ensuring all pupils fully understand new policies and systems, these will include ways of moving around the schools, interacting with one another and new hygiene routines. We will of course continue to have high expectations linked to pupil conduct and presentation, and later in the summer we will send full details of an addendum linked to our existing behaviour policy (based on new rules linked to keeping pupils and staff safe). Our traditional detention system will run as previously.

At this point in time, in line with new government guidelines which recommend returning in uniform and state that clothes will no longer need to be washed each night, we will expect all pupils to return to school in full uniform. Your school will send details with regards to opportunities to make this purchase. We do plan to open our catering services. Options will initially be from a ‘grab and go’ offering, we will review this over time. As part of our ongoing safeguarding measures we have decided to move to a cashless system from September. Pupils will use their smart card to purchase food, drinks and other small purchase items.
Parents will be able to top up credit online via Beehive, this will also show purchases made by pupils. More details about Beehive can be found here.

We are very conscious that new pupils have not had the opportunity to visit in the way they ordinarily would. Please be rest assured that we have detailed plans in place to prioritise and support them at the start of next term.

Our staff have missed classroom teaching and the joy that comes from the formal and informal interactions with your children and are looking forward very positively to the start of the term. In the meantime, can I wish you all a restful and healthy Summer, and we look forward to working in partnership with you next year.


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