Track Record
School joined OFSTED when joined lat OFSTED Now
Beauchamp College 01/05/2013 Outstanding Outstanding
Beauchamp City Sixth Form 09/2020 N/A N/A
The Cedars Academy 26/03/2015 N/A Good (20/02/2018)
Humphrey Perkins School 01/10/2018 Inadequate Good (11/03/2020)
Judgemeadow Community College 01/06/2018 Inadequate N/A
Martin High School 01/09/2018 Requires Improvement Good (06/02/2019)
Sir Jonathan North 01/03/2019 Outstanding Outstanding
Brocks Hill Primary School 01/11/2019 Outstanding Outstanding
Hallam Fields Primary School 23/08/2017 N/A N/A
Highcliffe Primary School 27/03/2014 Requires Improvement Good (25/04/2017)
Riverside Community Primary School 27/03/2014 Requires Improvement Good (28/04/2017)

We are absolutely thrilled to have assisted The Cedars Academy, Highcliffe Primary, Riverside Primary, Martin High School and Humphrey Perkins in achieving a ‘Good’ Ofsted rating for their last inspection. As a Trust, we are committed and excited to work with all of our schools to build a fairer and better education system in Leicestershire. We are always looking forwards and have welcomed the learning process that accompanies our journey towards ‘Outstanding’.