We are the Lionheart Educational Trust

The Lionheart Educational Trust is a renowned family of eleven schools based in and around Leicestershire. We strive to provide the highest quality education in each of our unique schools, raising the attainment of our talented students and reflecting the local communities of which they are a part.

The foundation of our Trust is built on a perfect balance of Academic Excellence and Holistic Development. We realise the importance of delivering quality first teaching; developing well-rounded young people and preparing them for life beyond education. We’re always looking forward, and believe our students should be too.

By being forward-thinking, we ultimately aim to break barriers between all of our students and their successes. We believe that every young person, no matter their background, has an equal right to an equal education. We hope that this pupil-centred approach is clear as you navigate our website.

Latest News

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Our Mission

Our educational mission is simple:  ANY young person from ANY background deserves an EQUAL chance to be successful in whatever they choose to do. The trust is committed to supporting young people to open doors to their futures and to feel confident that they can thrive in a competitive world.

Our Philosophy

We dedicate ourselves to providing young people with the strongest foundation for success, during their time in education and beyond. These values are underpinned by using the ‘4 Rs’.

Resilience The ability to bounce back when the going gets tough.
Reciprocity Learning to work together and show care and understanding for each other.
Resourcefulness Having the confidence to ask for help and to find answers in new ways.
Reflectiveness Considering what needs to be done to make the next steps.


The ‘4 Rs’ are our mantra; they encourage students to take responsibility for their learning and help them to flourish into well-rounded and aspirant individuals.

Our Pledge

Our pledge is the promise we make to the communities we serve. We pledge to engage with them with limitless enthusiasm and optimism, striving for inclusivity and equality at every turn.

To fulfil this pledge, we use the ‘5 Ps’.

  • Pupil Centred
    Everything we do is centralised around the needs and well-being of our students.
  • Positivity
    We embrace challenges, facing them with optimism and a willingness to succeed.
  • Passionate
    We realise the importance in reaching excellence, both academically AND holistically.
  • Professionalism
    We model professionalism at all times, holding ourselves to the highest standard.
  • Practice
    All of our teachers and associate staff are highly qualified, promoting quality-first teaching and sharing best practice.