Trust Policies


Please note: Some of these policies refer to Lionheart Academies Trust, the former name for Lionheart Educational Trust. All policies named in this way apply to Lionheart Educational Trust schools and will be updated when policies come under review.

Policy Updated
Acceptable Use Policy [FS & KS1] 2020-2022
Acceptable Use Policy [KS2] 2020-2022
Acceptable Use Policy [KS3, KS4 & KS5] 2020-2022
Acceptable Use Policy [Staff] 2020-2022
Anti-Bribery Policy 2022-2024
Anti-Fraud Policy 2020-2022
Behaviour Policy Secondary 2021-2023
Behaviour Policy Primary 2021-2023
Biometrics Policy  2021-2023
British Values and Challenging Extremism Statement 2020-2022
CCTV Policy 2020-2022
Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy 
Code of Conduct for Governors 1516b    
Complaints Against Trustee or Governor 2020-2023
Complaints Policy 2021-2023
Confidentiality Protocol 
Data Protection Policy
Electronic Communication Policy 2021-2022
Equality Statement 2022-2026
E-Safety Policy 2020-2022
Exclusions Policy
FOIA Publication Scheme 2021-2023
Freedom of Information Policy
Gifts & Hospitality Policy 
Handling Unreasonable, Threatening or Abusive Behaviour
Health & Safety Policy 2020-2023
Insurance Claimant Representatives
Investment Policy 2020-2022
Lionheart Pledge
Medical Needs Policy 
Medical Needs Policy Appendix 1
Mobile Phone Policy 2021-2022
Reserves Policy 2020-2022
Risk Assessment Policy 2021-2023
Safeguarding FGM Policy
SEND Policy Primary 2021-2022
SEND Policy Secondary 2021-2022
Single Equality Scheme
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2020-2021
Venue Hire Agreement 2021-2022
Whistleblowing Policy 2020-2022


Admissions Policies

School Admission Year
Beauchamp City Sixth Form 2020-21
Beauchamp College - KS3 2019-20
Beauchamp College - KS3 2020-21
Beauchamp College - 6th Form 2019-20
Beauchamp College - 6th Form 2020-21
Brocks Hill Primary School 2019-20
Brocks Hill Primary School 2020-21
The Cedars Academy 2019-20
The Cedars Academy 2020-21
Hallam Fields Primary School 2019-20
Highcliffe Primary School 2019-20
Humphrey Perkins School 2019-20
Humphrey Perkins School 2020-21
Judgemeadow Community College 2019-20
Judgemeadow Community College 2020-21
Martin High School 2019-20
Martin High School 2020-21
Riverside Primary School 2019-20
Sir Jonathan North College 2019-20
Sir Jonathan North College 2020-21


The admissions appeal timetables are subject to change on an annual basis, and are subject to Local Authority guidance. Details of such are included as an appendix to the admissions decision letter sent to students and parents/carers on National Offers Day.



Policy Updated
Anti Fraud Policy 2022-2024
Anti-Bribery Policy 2022-2024
Finance Policy
Gifts & Hospitality Policy  2020-2022
Travel and Expenses Policy - Governors 2022-2024
Travel and Expenses Policy - Staff 2022-2024
Investment Policy 2020-2022
Reserves Policy  2020-2022


Data Protection

Privacy Notices and Data Protection Compliance
Appropriate Policy Document
Parents / Carers Privacy Notice
Community Engagement Privacy Notice
Data Protection Compliance Statement
Job Applicants Privacy Notice
Student Privacy Notice
Staff Privacy Notice
Subject Access Request Form (PDF) How to Write on a PDF Document
Subject Access Request Form (Microsoft Word)
COVID-19 Testing Privacy Policy
Privacy Notice - Lateral Flow Tests Home Testing Primary Schools
Privacy Notice - Lateral Flow Tests Home Testing Secondary Schools