Staff Development

We feel it is important to invest in our staff by providing opportunities for them to be able to develop their practice. We believe that one of the most effective ways to improve student attainment is by ensuring that as a staff body we are able to have a real appreciation for student learning and have a clear appreciation of the latest pedagogical developments. That is why we feel it is essential to be able to provide a platform in which staff are able to share best practice both within their department, but also engage with a wide array of departments and other external bodies.

Our vision for staff development has two main strands. Firstly it is focused on providing opportunities for staff to develop their classroom practice. This is achieved through a range of different outlets: Whole staff training sessions, Lesson Study in triads, Professional Learning Communities, Coaching, external CPD courses and sharing best practice in departmental meetings. At the heart of all of these is focusing on ways to develop our students into becoming more resilient, reflective, resourceful and reciprocal learners. Secondly, our staff development also focuses on providing opportunities for staff, both teaching and associate staff, to be able to progress further in their careers. We have specific courses to enable staff opportunities to develop their skills in becoming middle and senior leaders; often through specific CPD and shadowing senior staff.

Essentially we believe that by directly investing in our staff will lead to improved student attainment and more confident practitioners who are ready to make the next steps in their career.