Greenstone Primary School

Lionheart Educational Trust is consulting on a proposal to run a new primary school in southeast Coalville, off Beveridge Lane, to meet the growing needs of the local community.

The new forest school proposed for local children aged 4 to 11 – and approved by the Department for Education – will be called Greenstone Primary. It is due to open from August 2025. 

Members of the community and prospective parents are invited to visit the school, at Sence Valley Road, 
Coalville, LE67 1HQ, on 8th October 2024, 3-6pm.

There will be an opportunity to meet the new head, view plans of the school, ask questions and provide feedback.

Our vision for Greenstone

We aim to create an inclusive community where by adopting a forest school approach, pupils will flourish and
achieve through a traditional education that also encompasses beyond-the-classroom experiences.

The forest school approach is known for its numerous benefits:

  • Promoting Wellbeing: By immersing children in nature, we enhance their physical, mental, and emotional
  • Building Resilience: Outdoor learning fosters resilience and independence, essential qualities for
    lifelong success.
  • Enriching Experiences: Through hands-on learning, children connect with nature, local history, and the
    broader community.
  • Environmental Awareness: Sustainability and heritage preservation will be promoted as will an
    appreciation for the natural world



Natalie has 20 years experience in primary education, 15 of those as a senior leader. In her previous Local Education Authority (Bath and North East Somerset), she was a leading teacher providing support for ten schools in visual literacy and improving attainment in writing.

Having lived and worked in the local area for the past fourteen years, Natalie is currently the Acting Deputy Headteacher in a large local primary school, where she has been on the Senior Leadership Team for the past 14 years. Natalie has completed the National Professional Qualification for Headship, National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership and Leadership Pathways and is also a Specialist Leader for Education in data and closing the gap

She has worked closely with local secondary schools to jointly develop a cohesive approach to embed resilience and positive attitudes and behaviour for learning, in order to improve attainment as well as transition. For a number of years, she led local Initial Teacher Training on behaviour for learning for the Forest Way Teaching Alliance.

Take a virtual tour of Greenstone Primary School

For any queries, please email: [email protected]