Digital Device Fundraising

The Covid-19 crisis had an unprecedented impact of the lives of our young people; a significant number of students across Leicestershire were falling behind due to limited access to digital devices for home learning. A vast number of studies were conducted to explore the impact of this unprecedented crisis on the lives of our young people and all highlighted the same problem – a stark disparity in engagement between children who have access to digital devices, and those who do not, widening the achievement gap between students in middle-class homes and working-class homes.

With support from local businesses and the community, the Lionheart Educational Trust set about fundraising enough money to supply 1500 Chromebooks to some of the most disadvantaged. With the Trust’s mission that every child has an equal right to an equal education, regardless of their socioeconomic background, this was of utmost importance to us.

Throughout 2020, we raised £25,000, through support from local businesses, parents, students and members of the Leicestershire community, with the Trust supplementing the fund so that every child who needed access to a device was supported.

However, the Digital Devices campaign fundraising still continues as students will always need devices for homework and revision in order to ensure they can achieve their aspirations. With your support, we can shape the future workforce.

Find out more about how you can support the campaign by downloading our Business Package flyer here.

‘I didn’t have my own computer, so I found it hard to complete work online. Since I was given a Chromebook by my school, I’ve been able to take part in every live lesson and complete every piece of work set by teachers on time. It’s really changed my learning experience for the better.’
– Year 10 student