A collection of blog posts demonstrating the breadth and depth of work focused on securing Academic Excellence and Holistic Development across the Lionheart Trust.

Lionheart's Global Issues Curriculum Series: #ItMattersToUs

Director of Curriculum, Alex Petrie, on why our curriculum must be broader and deeper than ever, to help students understand how to make a difference and to give them a voice to make positive change for the future.

Pro-activity: a post-pandemic consideration of teaching Physical Education

Rebecca Ardley, Curriculum Lead for PE at the Lionheart Educational Trust, discusses how the ongoing pandemic might change the subject forever.


Bina Varia, Head of English at Humphrey Perkins, articulates the value of these two practices and finding the balance between essential knowledge and cognitive overload.


Oliver Rowe, Head of English at The Cedars Academy, discusses how Educake aids secondary school English lessons.

Classics for All: “Old” subjects and their new place in school learning

Classics Hub Ambassador Lidia Kuhivchak discusses what it takes to successfully embed Classics and Latin into an ever-evolving curriculum.

The DEPARTMENT FOR EDUCATION'S Trust to Trust Development Programme

Lionheart's CEO, Kath Kelly, shares her early reflections on the Trust's role as a mentor.

The Lionheart Educational Trust: A forward-thinking community with a shared pledge of the 5 Ps.

Highcliffe Primary Headteacher, Hannah Drury, looks at the common values shared across the Lionheart family of schools.

When you’re part of something bigger, where the common aim is equity for all, then you can survive and succeed, whatever happens

Here, Jason Smith, Principal of Judgemeadow College in Leicester, reflects on the advantages of being part of a multi-academy trust.

Why being part of the Lionheart Educational Trust has helped its schools through the pandemic

A reflection by Della Bartram, Associate Principal at Humphrey Perkins School.

Getting Back on the Bike: Taking Care of Year 11 in the Wild West of Covid-19

Curriculum Lead, Alex Petrie, investigates the potential far-reaching academic consequences of school closure on Year 11 cohorts. Alex explains how through a Trust-wide collaborative approach, using online tools and technology, a holistic solution ca…

New Schools and New Norms: Preparing Year 6 Students for Transition into Year 7 During Covid-19

Lionheart Trust Executive Principal, Laura Sanchez, explores a new approach to Year 6 to 7 transition: taking to the 'digital sphere' to ensure transition is effective, supportive and welcoming.

Governing in a Time of Crisis: Covid-19 and the Challenge of Effective Governance

Our Chair of Governors, Chris Swan, explores governance evolution during a period of school closure, with a particular focus on the practices adopted by the Lionheart Academies Trust.

Leadership for Career Changers

Trust Vice Principal Roma Dhameja shares her reflections on how skills from industry transfer into educational leadership. An inspiring blog shared by #WomenEd providing career changers with insight and motivation.