At the Lionheart Educational Trust our mission is clear: every young person, no matter what their background, has an equal right to an equal education.

We strive to provide the highest quality education, built on a perfect balance of academic excellence and holistic development, therefore raising the attainment of our talented students.

And our talented students are tomorrow’s workforce, which is why we believe it is through working collaboratively with the business community - from small and local through to larger national or global companies - to develop reciprocal relationships, that we can ensure continued success for young people in Leicestershire.

We welcome businesses to become an integral part of improving our young people’s success and achievements.

How you can get involved

By joining forces, you can inspire the next generation while our students benefit from your expertise, knowledge and an insight into life after education.

We can facilitate opportunities between your business and our schools and students for:

Mentoring  |  Coaching  |  Career talks  |  Work experience |  Post-education recruitment

Why get involved?

Building community links is good for business, and with 14 schools across Leicester and Leicestershire, engaging with our Trust is a great way to achieve this.

Benefits for your business include:

  • Social responsibility - set your business apart from your competitors and generate positive publicity.
  • Direct engagement with your potential future workforce – with over 10,000 students in our Trust, many will seek employment locally after their education.
  • Professional development opportunities for your employees - mentoring students and speaking at careers fairs can help your staff build their confidence, develop new skills and prepare for career progression.
  • A real sense of personal and professional satisfaction - this has been reported by staff who have previously participated in school engagement programmes.
  • Retention of employees – working with our schools and students is a cost-effective way to keep your staff engaged, energised and feeling valued.
  • Promoting career choices in your sector - an opportunity to add value to the curriculum, inspiring young people to choose a career in your sector.


Our school and local community is vast, reaching across Leicestershire and beyond. Your investment allows you to gain exposure in front of large audiences, as well as gain kudos in supporting the education of young people.

We offer opportunities for:

 Sponsorship  |  Student awards/prizes  |  Fundraising  |  Advertising  |  Facility hire

Why invest?

Our reach is far and wide, giving businesses a large audience to put their brand in front of.

It includes:

  • Parents and students
  • Nationwide suppliers
  • Local community and hire facility users
  • Large workforce
  • Wider education sector

 You could reach:

1200 staff members  |  10,000 students/families  |  18,000+ social media followers  |  12,000+ facilities users

When supporting us – whether through investment or inspiring the next generation – we will always shout about your business. With a variety of means, from multiple social media accounts through to direct communications with parents, your support of the Lionheart Educational Trust will always be acknowledged and shared, as well as appreciated. Of course, you would also be welcome to communicate your support of the Trust through your own marketing strategy, ensuring the message is well and truly heard.