March 12, 2024

Inspiring aeronautical futures

At Lionheart Educational Trust, not only do we emphasise the importance of the present, but we also understand the significance of the future. Consequently, we are consistently supplying our young people with enriching careers knowledge, equipping them with fundamental skills and experiences that will allow them to consider their transition into the working world when the time comes.

At the start of March, we welcomed The Schools’ Aerospace Careers Programme to Sir Jonathan North Girls’ College in Knighton, to host a careers roadshow for 120 Lionheart Year 10 and 12 students from four of our schools: Sir Jonathan North, Beauchamp College, Beauchamp City Sixth Form and Judgemeadow Community College. The event provided students with exposure to aeronautical engineering experts to pique their interest and encourage the pursuit of careers in this sector.  

Dr Michael Smith – Chairman of the programme and military veteran with 20 years’ experience in the Royal Air Force – kick-started the day with a talk on careers in the aeronautical industry, their importance and how they will develop in the future. He was then followed by representatives from both GKN Aerospace and Babcock International who spoke about their personal experiences working in this sector. 

A particular highlight of the event was when Agile Mobile Robot – more commonly known as Spot – entered the school hall. Spot has been designed to streamline the aeronautical industry by simplifying day-to-day tasks and students marvelled seeing it in action. 

Next, attendees visited three ‘stations,’ which all focused on a different aspect of aeronautical engineering. Students had the opportunity to use Virtual Reality headsets and watch a demonstration of how other forms of VR technology can be used in aeronautical design.  

They also attended a Careers Fair and were able to speak to apprentices working for a wide range of companies including ADS, Airborne, UK Space Agency and the Royal Aeronautical Society. Students came away from the event with useful contact details and a fresh perspective on their future plans; the event allowed them to explore careers they hadn’t even considered and ponder new opportunities that will emerge as the industry develops. It was also fantastic to see such a large number of female students challenge traditional stereotypes and take up an interest in this pathway which, traditionally, has always been a male-dominated profession. 

 “We are so grateful to Michael and the entire team for providing our pupils at Lionheart the opportunity to learn about the aerospace industry,” said Rebecca Illston, Careers Lead at Beauchamp City Sixth Form and one of the organisers of the event. 

“Their message that anything is possible and that no one should feel that being part of the aerospace industry is out of reach was very inspiring and we are excited to work with them on future events to ensure that even more of our pupils get the chance to learn more about careers in aeronautical engineering." 

The program was a huge success; so much so that an event in March 2025 has been booked for Lionheart’s North schools and discussions are underway to make the event at Sir Jonathan North an annual occurrence for students. 

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