June 27, 2024

Leading the charge on climate action

Through the Lionheart Global Issues (GI) Curriculum, we work hard to educate our young people about key topics that are prevalent in the world around them.

Having previously examined food poverty, women’s rights and, more recently, social media and mental health, this term our pupils explored climate change, examining both social and environmental implications. 

As with all our GI topics, to consolidate classroom learning and encourage pupils to have a voice, we implement an element of social action. Therefore, in June, we held our first-ever Eco Rally at The Cedars Academy. 

On a delightful, sunny day, over 1000 young people from all our Leicestershire schools sampled a host of educational activities designed to inspire and strengthen their collective understanding of climate change and wider ‘green’ issues.  

At the centre of the event was a main stage, on which pupils were treated to an abundance of live acts, impassioned speeches on climate change and musical interludes. Elsewhere, our young people enjoyed penning letters to parliamentary leaders, constructing placards with their own climate change messages and creating bee bombs; they even used recyclable materials to build sculptures, flower arches, hedgehog shelters and birdhouses. 

A number of stalls were also set up on the field, sharing information about energy saving and growing food, whilst activist charity Greenpeace also attended. 

Former Martin High pupil, Ian Bursnall, also known as ‘The Skint Chef,’ who shot to fame on the television show ‘Jamie Oliver's Great Cookbook Challenge' in 2022, made an appearance too, giving a live cooking demonstration to teach pupils how to make use of leftover food, thus reducing food waste. 

Putting the importance of climate change into sharp focus on the day, pupils left further inspired to play their part in combating the issue. 

The event was also the subject of extensive local and regional media coverage.

The Evington Echo featured a round-up of the event which can be read here

Meanwhile, East Midlands Today also attended, producing an informative news item which was broadcast live on BBC. This feature can be viewed below: