February 16, 2023

LGBT+ History Month

We have a clear focus on ensuring our students are empowered with knowledge through an education that is diverse and inclusive, and therefore, LGBT+ History Month is very important to us and Lionheart's schools. 

Young people across our 14 Leicestershire schools - from primary-aged through to sixth formers, have participated in activities, discussions, shared reading lists and much more, as part of LGBTQ+ History Month. Here's a round-up:

  • Assemblies ran throughout the month looking at the importance of LGBT+ History Month across all year groups, focusing on LGBTQ+ members 'Behind the Lens' - celebrating their contribution to cinema and film. 
  • Across our primaries, pupils enjoyed a range of age-appropriate activities and discussed the differing family networks and how they all help one another. Their classroom libraries displayed a range of LGBTQ+ friendly books such as ‘George’ by Alex Gino and ‘The Family Book’ by Todd Parr. 
  • Students at The Newbridge School have been exploring the work of notable members of the LGBTQ+ community during lessons this week, and delved into the Netflix series 'Heartstopper', learning more about the creatives who helped make it. They also held a non-uniform day as part of their ongoing efforts to celebrate diversity and equality.  
  • During Beauchamp City Sixth Form’s tutor time this month they shared video presentations, took part in quizzes and discovered new books in the recommended reading lists.  
  • The Student Diversity Ambassadors at Sir Jonathan North Girls' College have been busy creating diversity display boards in school and running assemblies for fellow students, to increase awareness and understanding. The SJN Resource Learning Centre shared a selection of fiction stories exploring gender, identity and LGBTQ+ movements through history. 
  • Guest speakers spoke to students at The Cedars Academy on a range of topics including masculinity and empathy, sexuality and relationships, and how to be an upstander in the face of discrimination. 

Young people across Lionheart Educational Trust schools continue to make us proud, as they embrace their wider learning, expand their knowledge, ask questions and celebrate each other and the communities around them.