February 20, 2024

Lionheart and LCCC exclusive partnership: Students shine in coaching masterclass with cricketing prospects

At the end of January, 15 students from Martin High School in Anstey enjoyed attending a fantastic afterschool coaching masterclass from three of Leicestershire County Cricket Club’s (LCCC) brightest prospects.

The initiative formed part of Lionheart’s exclusive partnership with the LCCC, a mutually beneficial collaboration that allows us to provide our students with multiple opportunities, all aimed at strengthening academic and holistic development through enrichment activities and innovative coaching opportunities. 

All-rounders Ben Mike and Tom Scriven – from the men’s team – and bowler Aimee Colquhoun – from the women’s team – put the Martin High students through their paces by hosting a range of intense cricketing drills, designed to test them on all aspects of the game. 

Following a steady warm-up which got the blood pumping and the limbs loosened, the students spread out in Sports Hall and practised their catching skills by throwing the ball to one another, upping the speed and intensity as confidence increased. The budding young cricketers then had the opportunity to demonstrate how accurate they were with the cricket ball by aiming it at a selection of strategically placed stumps to mimic a real-match scenario. Ben and Tom watched on approvingly, seemingly impressed at the standard on display. 

The excitement was then cranked up a notch as the crashmats were brought out and students began practising their diving catches. Stationed several metres back, they had to carefully watch Aimee who was positioned in front of the crashmat and who dropped the balls from a height. Timing their runs precisely, students sprinted in and flung themselves forward in an attempt to catch the ball before it hit the ground. They had a fantastic time executing some very dramatic catches. 

With the end of the session looming near, there was just enough time to host a small-sided match, in which students had the opportunity to apply the skills they had practised to all elements of the game; they each had the opportunity to bat, field and bowl. It was fantastic to see the level of progress they had all made in such a small amount of time.  

This cricket coaching session formed part of an extracurricular offering that would not have been possible without the exclusive partnership Lionheart enjoys with Leicestershire County Cricket Club, which has now officially been relaunched. 

The convergence allows students across all of our schools to enjoy fantastic opportunities that strengthen skills which they are able to transfer inside and outside the classroom. 

Thanks to this engaging collaborative project, we can look forward to offering students from all 14 of our schools, access to innovative and inspiring experiences in the very near future. 

Alongside aforementioned coaching opportunities, students are currently embroiled in an exhilarating art and design competition to design the Foxes’ new T20 kit for the 2025 season and will receive tailored membership packs containing specialised perks which will allow them to immerse themselves in the inclusive and diverse world of professional cricket. 

“Our partnership with Leicestershire County Cricket Club supports Lionheart's young people to experience all-important holistic opportunities, in addition to their academic studies,” said Neil Lewis, Head of Enterprise for Lionheart. 

Meanwhile, Sean Jarvis, CEO for Leicestershire County Cricket Club said: “Teaming up with Lionheart is a massive game-changer for the Club. I see great initiatives across the country, but it’s amazing to create what we believe to be an industry-leading project at Leicestershire.”