February 15, 2024

Lionheart Schools Champion Children's Mental Health Week with Dynamic Activities

Every February, mental health charity Place2Be host Children’s Mental Health Week.

This year, it took place from 5th to 11th of February and focused on empowering young people to express themselves and take positive steps to strengthening their mental health. 

Lionheart recognises the importance of mental wellbeing and understands that our young people learn best and achieve their goals when they are content in their school environment. Therefore, last week our Leicester and Leicestershire schools participated in the campaign week, introducing various feelgood initiatives to make some noise for this year’s theme ‘My Voice Matters.’ 

Here’s a roundup of some of the activities that took place: 

Humphrey Perkins School 

The hall at Humphrey Perkins was punctuated with music and rhythm during lunchtimes as students laced up their dancing shoes and took part in Just Dance activities. Attendees were a hive of energy and enthusiasm as they threw some shapes and bounced along to a collection of classic dance anthems. 

Inside the classroom, learning was given a vibrant twist as students took place in ‘Any Pen Day.’ For one day only, they used any pen of their choosing, opting for colours they best reflected their mood; consequently, English, Maths and Science books were awash with colour as students enthusiastically decorated their pages with fluorescent pens. 

Students also participated in bingo, enjoyed a delicious ‘Breakfast Day’ and made each other laugh on ‘Tell A Joke Day’ where they competed to see who could tell the best joke. The winning entry was as follows: 

“Knock, knock” 

“Who’s there?” 

“Dull pencil” 

“Dull pencil who?” 

“Never mind, it’s pointless” 


Sir Jonathan North Girls’ College 

Sir Jonathan North was a vibrant hive of colour, as students worked in their classes to produce imaginative designs that formed part of a magnificent display board. Amongst other drawings, they created colourful mandalas which are known to promote calmness and de-stress the mind. 

Throughout the week, lunchtimes saw a plethora of exciting activities, all aimed at promoting positive mental health. Supplemented by chocolate biscuits, students got into the friendly competitive spirit by playing a classic card game. Showcasing their creativity, they also made mindful jars and designed their own soothing, non-toxic tattoos. 

“I really enjoyed the week!” exclaimed Year 7 student Caitlin Ann, “it was so much fun, and the glitter tattoos were so creative and beautiful!”  

Whilst, Year 10 Jana, said: “The activities were amazing and I had loads of fun! I enjoyed making my mindfulness jar and making myself and others tattoos! I hope these activities continue!” 

Judgemeadow Community College 

Students at Judgemeadow enjoyed the perfect winter warmer during the week. To combat the cold temperatures, they all enjoyed sipping on sweet hot chocolate as part of ‘Have a Hot Chocolate Friday.’ The refreshing beverages were offered to every student free of charge and certainly went a long way to strengthening mental wellbeing and warming them up! 

The school also hosted student workshops and held mature discussions that reflected the importance of the week. There was a strong focus on what more can be done to reflect the views of young people and ensure their views and opinions are heard and respected. 

The Cedars Academy 

On Monday, sixth form students at The Cedars Academy were visited by NHS staff members. They hosted a workshop which encouraged students to speak out about their mental health and participated in a fascinating discussion about social media and the how it can negatively impact an individual’s wellbeing. 

Diversity Ambassadors and members of the Anti-Bullying Groups also took part in a live radio broadcast about mental health and shared their top tips for heightening well-being. 

During Tutor Time every Friday, students enjoy a Spiritual, Moral and Cultural Development session organised by Psychology teacher Mrs Philpot. In keeping with the week’s theme, students used the time to create their own fortune tellers and conversed with one another about what strategies they can implement to improve their mental health. 

Brocks Hill Primary School: 

Pupils at Brocks Hill kicked off Children’s Mental Health Week, with an assembly which focused on ways in which children can support their mental health and some top tips for strengthening their wellbeing. Channelling their creative flair, each class was then tasked with creating a display for their room, decorating it with thankful messages addressed to friends and family; some kind-hearted pupils even thanked their teachers! 

Beauchamp College 

The weekly House Quiz was given a special twist for Children’s Mental Health Week as students enjoyed answering questions revolving around mental wellbeing. Utilising the Place2Be resources, participants also created their own signs with inspirational messages. 

Our students enjoyed an action-packed week, which went a long way to promoting positive mental health throughout the Trust.