November 10, 2023

Lionheart schools pay their respects for Remembrance Day

Every year - on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month - we come together as a country and pay our respects to the multitude of brave soldiers who have fought in conflicts past and present.

It is a time of reflection and an occasion where we remember those brave individuals who are no longer with us.

Up and down Leicester and Leicestershire, schools in the Lionheart Educational Trust have been showing their respect in many different ways, including…

The Castle Rock School:

Year 12 and 13 went around the school all week, selling poppies to other students as well as parents and carers, with all proceeds going to the Royal British Legion.

A number of important assemblies focusing on remembrance were also held. Students learnt about the sheer impact both World Wars had; how it left soldiers disabled and suffering with mental health issues as well as leaving many people out of work and unable to support their families.

Teachers then explained about the British Legion, which was set up shortly after World War One, and was designed to support families deeply affected by war. Finally, one Year 12 student created a vibrant display consisting of a soldier’s uniform and a papier-mâché dress made of newspaper and a selection of hand-made poppies.

Beauchamp College

Visitors were left awestruck when arriving at Beauchamp College, noticing a stunning large poppy in reception. The impressive piece of artwork, was created in an afterschool event, with students from all houses designing and creating a range of smaller poppies. These were then combined to form the eye-catching larger poppy currently residing on the front desk. Students also had the opportunity to showcase their origami and crochet skills, designing and creating a collection of poppies, varying in size and colour.

A stunning Remembrance Day display was also constructed in the art area. Students created an emotive sculpture depicting a graveyard cross which was decorated with dozens of hand-made poppies. To add further poignancy, the display also contained an army soldier’s hat.

As is tradition, staff and students also participated in a two-minutes’ silence, to a backdrop of Aimee Poulsom, the school’s Head of RE, playing a stunning rendition of ‘The Last Post’ on the cornet.

Beauchamp City Sixth Form

Sixth Form students gathered for an important assembly where Mr Spencer spoke in depth about the origins of Remembrance Day, explaining why we remember. He also focused on the impact of World War One and how this – and many more conflicts - affected neighbouring countries as well as the UK.

The college then congregated for the traditional two-minutes’ silence on Friday, which was observed with great maturity.

The Cedars Academy

“Why do we wear poppies for Remembrance Day?”

That was the question of choice at The Cedars Academy this week; fortunately, Mr Hill was on hand to explain all.

The Assistant Principal hosted an illuminating assembly focusing on how we remember. He also spoke about why the poppy is used to symbolise remembrance, introduced various important monuments and revealed more about how different religions celebrate this highly significant occasion.

Humphrey Perkins School

Showing a high-level of respect and maturity, students listened intently to talks given by leadership team members, Mr Cross and Mr Khakhar, who delivered a poignant assembly on Remembrance.

On Friday 10th November, the school also held its annual Remembrance Service, with Mr Cross – the newly-appointed Army Cadets National Command Sergeant Major Instructor – playing a key role alongside Cadets who attend the school.

Riverside Primary School

Digging out their paint and paintbrushes, the pupils at Riverside enjoyed an art lesson, using age-appropriate learning to educate on Remembrance Day. Using string, children created own mini poppy sculptures before painting them red and adding further decoration.

These impressive poppies, then formed part of a stunning remembrance display within the school.

Judgemeadow Community College

Significant assemblies were held, educating students about the importance of Remembrance Day and how respects are paid to the victims of all conflicts, not just World War One and World War Two.

The traditional two-minutes’ silence was observed, whilst students also sold poppies throughout the week.