March 17, 2023

Red Nose Day 2023

Comic Relief's Red Nose Day has become a tradition that many school students look forward to every year. And this year was no different, with many Lionheart schools across Leicester and Leicestershire joining in on the fun with a wide range of activities involving students and staff alike.

Across the schools – from primary through to sixth form – they held non-uniform days, including the wearing of red or what makes you happy (cue Christmas jumpers, fancy dress and pyjamas!), which saw students and staff come to school in their most creative and fun outfits. Inhibitions went out of the window as everyone got into the spirit of Red Nose Day. 

But the fun didn't stop there, as the schools held design a red nose competitions and banana eating competitions were held where participants had to eat as many bananas as they could in a set amount of time. 

Martin High School organised cake sales and table-top sales to raise funds for Comic Relief. A cycle-a-thon was also held at Brocks Hill Primary School where staff cycled continuously throughout the school day, while raising funds. 

For those with a sweet tooth at Beauchamp City Sixth Form, there was a sweet pong competition, where participants had to throw ping pong balls to win cups of sweets. To raise money, Beauchamp College’s Design Department made their own Red Nose Day pin badges which students and staff bought throughout the day. 

One of the most exciting activities that provided much entertainment for children at Brocks Hill Primary, was watching their teachers guess the tune while another member of staff tried hard to make a tune with a kazoo! Not wanting to miss out on all the fun, pupils were challenged against the clock to put on as many T-shirts as they could (not as easy as you might think!)  

The Lionheart schools' Red Nose Day activities were a huge success, with students and staff coming together to raise funds for a great cause while having fun. The money raised will go towards supporting charities and projects both in the UK and internationally.