June 23, 2023

Trust schools work up a sweat inside and outside the classroom for School Sports Week

Schools across the Lionheart Educational Trust in Leicestershire were a-buzz with hype and activity this week, celebrating National School Sports Week.

An annual event, the initiative aims to promote the importance of physical activity and keeping fit by encouraging young people to exercise for a minimum of 60 minutes every day – 30 minutes at home and 30 minutes at school – as recommended by the government’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Witty.

In a bid to both encourage and inspire students, staff members also got involved, producing a short video explaining why they exercise and what benefits they glean from it. The pupils had a lot of fun watching their teachers run, ski, climb and participate in a wide variety of team sports.

All week, lessons across the curriculum were also given a sporting twist, thus contextualising and promoting the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

In Science, students at Beauchamp College looked at the physics of taking a free-kick, calculated their individual running speeds by using formulae, analysed the impact caffeine has on an athlete’s reflexes and considered how their heart is affected by heavy exercise.

During music lessons, pupils were required to identify an array of famous sporting tunes; ranging from the iconic Rocky theme tune to the Match of the Day introduction song - which students couldn’t help but sing along to!

Hallam Fields Primary School timed their end-of-year sports day to coincide with Sports Week. To a backdrop of proud parents cheering them on, years two and three participated in a classic collection of races; including the sack race, the beanbag race and their own version of an egg and spoon race – using a tennis racket and ball to avoid any egg-strordinary mess on the field!

Moving up through the year groups, Sixth Form students at Beauchamp City had insightful lessons focusing on sports psychology. They looked at the different careers that exist in the industry and examined the importance of a strong mindset in elite sport, examining world renowned basketball player Michael Jordan as an example.

Specific attention was also paid to the impact physical activity can have on mental health with numerous studies revealing that being active can reduce the risk of anxiety and depression.

Having recently teamed up with Atlas Boxing to offer boxing sessions to students, this week, Beauchamp City students had great fun working on their footwork and various punch combinations, learning how boxing promotes discipline, drive and determination.

At The Castle Rock School in Coalville, amidst stunning weather, students enjoyed participating in a range of classic ‘summer sports,’ including athletics, rounders, gymnastics and cricket. After they had grabbed a well-earned drink and cooled down, it was back to the classrooms for English. Students planned and wrote letters to their Principals – Mrs Patrick and Mr Grainge – explaining the benefits of physical activity and what more could be done in schools to ensure young people are active for the recommended 60 minutes every day.

Martin High School students spent the week competing against opposing forms; battling to see who could complete the most laps of the school field. With Wimbledon also around the corner, Science lessons focused on the effect of temperature on tennis balls. Brocks Hill meanwhile, took part in the Sports Direct 'Play for 60' campaign and ensured that pupils enjoyed an extra 30 minutes of physical activity. They spent the time running on the field, playing on the outdoor gym and getting their groove on, dancing in the classroom!

And so, another action-packed, exhilarating National School Sports Week comes to close. It was full of exciting activity and the students had a brilliant time; both being active outside in the sunshine and enjoying a sporting-based curriculum in the classroom.