March 02, 2023


Lionheart Trust schools celebrate the magic of reading

Lionheart Educational Trust schools have been celebrating World Book Day in a big way this year, with a range of activities to inspire and engage students in the joy of reading.

From book hunts to creative costumes, pupils across our primary and secondary schools have been getting involved in a host of exciting events. At Castle Rock School, a selection of books was hidden throughout the building, with students challenged to discover them and try out something new to read. Meanwhile, at Humphrey Perkins, pupils were greeted by popular literary characters Little Red Riding Hood and Hermione Granger at the school gate, adding a touch of magic to their day.

Not to be outdone, our primary schools have been showcasing their creative flair, with students designing shoebox scenes based on their favourite books, and coming up with some amazing costumes. It has been a wonderful celebration of the written word, and we are so proud of our students for their enthusiasm and imagination.

Of course, the joy of reading doesn't end with World Book Day. At Lionheart Educational Trust, we believe that every day is an opportunity to celebrate the magic of literature, to explore new ideas, and to challenge ourselves to think in new ways. Whether we are sharing a story with a friend, exploring a new genre, or simply getting lost in a great book, reading is a journey that can take us to places we never imagined.

We hope that our World Book Day celebrations have inspired our students to continue that journey, and to make every day a celebration of the written word